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February 19, 2020
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February 19, 2020
Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang Information

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet and its standard configuration has four passenger seats, a toilet and seating for two in the cockpit. It combines the comfort of a large business jet with the freedom to roam as a light jet.

More over the Mustang is a low-wing monoplane with a swept wing, t-tail and tricycle retractable landing gear. One main door is located in the forward left section of the aircraft with an additional emergency exit on the center right side of the fuselage. The airframe is primarily of aluminum alloy construction with three spar wing. Power is provided by two Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan engines.

Citation Mustang Specifications :

  • Cruise Speed : 330 kts
  • Max Range : 1050 nm
  • Max Capacity : 4
  • Max Height : 63
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